Where Do You Find Strength?

Life is not a bed of roses. In our day to day existence we face so many challenges that vary in their intensity and also test our endurance limits. Talking to someone very close about our problems can be a big relief and can help us to move on, for that day. Writing is very cathartic too. So for people who are unable to express their sorrow in spoken words, written word is a wonderful alternative. Then we can always engage ourselves in various pursuits so that we can never get the leisure to face our own demons. But what next ? All these in my opinion are only temporary solutions. They give us some kind of succour from our pain for a few days or a few weeks. Then the cycle begins.

What I think most miraculous in the way God has created us humans is that, solutions to our problems are available – not outside us, but very much within us. To fight our demons, our grief, our pain this is where we need to tap into – The Internal Strength. As much as I agree that we need people in our lives to whom we can open up, finally we have to look within us to resolve our issues.Though this is what all our scriptures tell us, it is very exhilirating to realise this on our own !

I think this is where Рtemples, prayers, meditation, God, Nature come into picture. Every person has their own way of seeking strength. The calm and divine atmosphere of a temple, which has hardly any crowd, refreshes me. It infuses me with the energy and strength to attack my problems. It makes me very thankful for all the good things in my life.  So does looking at the morning sky which is transitioning from darkness to light. It puts me into a meditative mood where I start analysing on what is troubling me and how I want to go about addressing it. A solitary walk in the neighbourhood with only the trees, birds and my own thoughts as companions, work wonders too. Finally a quiet corner in the house where I can just close my eyes and meditate for a few minutes. I think in these serene moments, I go beyond my problems and when the blessings in my life come to the forefront, no issue seems too big to confront.

I feel this is a very important part of our growth – developing the core strength, that can withstand any onslaught. An attitude which says “You can never break my spirit come what may “. As a parent, I realise it is very important for me to teach my children also this, as they start growing. The ability to tap within themselves¬†to seek that strength to face life.

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