Furniture Addict!

I love the smell of the inside of furniture shops, although many people might find it repulsive. There’s this semi-large furniture shop along Abanao Road (Unifur Home Furnishing is the name) that’s two stories high and has very friendly staff (quite unlike the other shop further along the road, the Balingit Home Furnishing. Its attendant is always glowering like we’d steal their furniture, and would constantly look at her watch and tap her shoes impatiently as if willing us to go out already), that I like to go to even if we have no money on hand. I would just go inside and inspect their new arrivals, planning what I’d buy next.

I haven’t been earning this much for very long, so it’s only now that I got the chance to buy furniture for our house. I couldn’t even afford Cheap Roman Blinds several months back, but now I’m glad I am able to purchase stuff for the home, even if it’s just one by one. My latest purchase is a big computer table of my very own, complete with shelves, drawers and all that jazz. We are planning to go back there next month and buy a cabinet for our clothes. And then again on April to buy a bigger sala set, or maybe that cute baby dresser for Svet.

We’ll need a bigger house by then. Sheesh.

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