Do You Believe In The Evil Eye?

I do not consider myself as superstitious, but I do think that there is something called an evil eye. The way I see it is like this. The evil eye or the drishti or the nazar lagna  is a manifestation of an individual’s jealousy causing themselves ulcer and producing negative vibes for that other person. These negative vibrations definitely affect the other individual in some way – small or big. How else can we make sense of coincidental happenings that take place when we are around some specific individuals ?!!

A look, a caustic tone or spoken words that keep revolving in the head long after the individual is out of the scene, causing some disturbing moments. When these are followed by some untoward incidents, naturally the mind tends to link these two.

Like wise I do think that being around positive people generates a lot of good vibes leaving a wonderful feeling long after the individual is gone. Since these are much rarer, it becomes all the more imperative to treasure such people in your life :-).

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