Back On Track

I’ve been reading every night since I got a phone after almost four years of having none. Right now it’s Janet Evanovich’s and her Stephanie Plum series, which is really, really good. By that I mean funny and sexy and never boring. I first encountered¬†Smokin’ Seventeen, which had me glued way past midnight, trying very hard not to laugh out loud while reading it.

It was only when I finished that I learned that there are actually 18 books in the series now, so now I am reading the first book,¬†One For The Money. I hope I can finish all of her Plum series by the end of the month so I can check out Stieg Larsson’s novels next. It was a recommendation of one of the Girl Talkers (a Thursday meme I host in my other blog) during our book month, and I’ve been wanting to read the novels ever since.

So I guess you could say I am one happy camper these days because I am finally able to get back to doing what I love most during my free time.

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